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I was born Luhansk, Ukraine. I grew up there enjoying the simple things of life: climbing the trees and barns of my grandmother's (babusia's) yard, the walks we would take a walk through the city after dinner with my mom and the neighbors, simple foods we would buy in shops of the city. My mom and I moved to the US when I was six. Thanks to the invention of internet, I have been able to talk with them since. We were fortunate to go back, and even hosted my grandmother.

Then the Donbas war of 2014 happened. This was the first invasion. I was young; I didn't really understand. But I knew one thing: I wouldn't be seeing my family.

Then February 24th, 2022 marked the second invasion. A full-scale invasion.

Writing this a year later, so much has changed. For many Ukrainians — myself included — this was the hardest time in our lives. Things would get better, things would get worse. Our president remained in Kyiv (я тут), our warriors liberated our land, and the world saw the courage of Ukrainians. But every victory is paid with a steep price; a price that can never be repaid.

Everyday, I hope for a Ukrainian victory.

Slava Ukraini🇺🇦


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